Foldable food slicer - quickly and easily stowed away

At ritter, "foldable" not only has one meaning – but two. Because not only are our food slicers that are used on the worktop foldable, but also our built-in food slicers, which disappear quickly and easily into the kitchen drawer. Here we explain what the difference is, why there are two versions and what each one is most suitable for.

Foldable food slicer

Probably the best-known type when it comes to foldable food slicers: with these slicers the focus is clearly on function, because they can be folded quickly, easily for space-saving storage in the kitchen cupboard. With a maximum width of 10.5 cm, the foldable bread slicers take up very little storage space – perfect for smaller kitchens or limited space. The food slicer also takes up little space on the worktop when in use. The divisible carriage is also practical, as this means that the food slicers are always complete even when folded.

Foldable built-in food slicer

But foldable food slicers are not only advantageous in smaller kitchens. Built-in food slicers that can be folded away in a drawer also have practical advantages: they save space and are always ready to hand. As a result, the built-in food slicers are safely stored in the drawer and you have more space on the worktop. The foldable built-in food slicers can be fitted in drawers that have a width of 30 cm or more and can be folded up and down in just one or two steps. Built-in slicers are also always protected from dust, dirt and grease. Tiresome prep, clean-up and storage are eliminated with built-in slicers, and they're just as easy to use and maintain.
















ritter fact: Incidentally, the first foldable built-in food slicer from ritter came onto the market in 1969.

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Frequently asked questions about our foldable food slicers

Do you have any questions about our food slicers? Here are some frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers. If your question has not been included or still isn’t sufficiently clarified, we will be pleased to assist you.

What is a foldable food slicer?

A foldable food slicer can be folded to reduce the required storage space. With these appliances, the holding plate can be folded up for a maximum width of approx. 10.5 cm. The finger protection and left-over holder are easily stowed inside the appliance so there are no loose parts rattling around.

A built-in foldable food slicer can be stowed in the kitchen drawer quickly and easily in no more than two steps. Folded into the drawer, the built-in food slicer can be put away directly after use so it does not take up any space on the work surface.

What are the advantages of a foldable food slicer?

Foldable food slicers are particularly beneficial in smaller kitchens or when the available space is limited. The appliance can be folded and stored in the kitchen cabinet, so it takes up little storage space.

Another benefit of our built-in food slicers is that they are always protected against dust, dirt and grease since they are installed in a drawer. The time required for setup, clean-up and storage is also reduced since they can be unfolded and folded up again quickly and easily.

Does a foldable food slicer work the same way as a non-foldable food slicer?

The foldable food slicers work exactly the same as any other food slicer and perform just as well.

What foods is a foldable food slicer suited for?

Both hard and soft foods can be cut into appetizing slices equally well with foldable food slicers.

The smooth ham- and sausage circular blade is best for the thinnest slices.

Do not use the food slicer to slice frozen foods, bones, foods with large pits, roasts in net bags or packaged foods.

How do you clean a foldable food slicer?

Each time after slicing: Wipe the housing and all removed parts with a damp cloth, including the circular blade.

From time to time: Clean all removed parts thoroughly in warm dishwater, including the circular blade. Clean the housing behind the circular blade with a dry cloth/brush. Notice: Do not use abrasive cleaners, rough sponges or hard brushes.

What parts of a foldable food slicer are dishwasher safe?

We do not recommend cleaning any parts of the food slicer in the dishwasher. Our recommendation is to clean the food slicer as described above.

Can foods be sliced wafer-thin with a foldable food slicer?

Slicing foods wafer-thin with a foldable food slicer is possible. We recommend using the smooth ham- and sausage circular blade for this purpose.

What are the folded dimensions of the foldable food slicer?

The dimensions for each appliance are specified under “Technical data” on the product pages.

For household appliances, the maximum folded width is 10.5 cm.

Is complete disassembly necessary for folding?

Complete disassembly is not necessary for folding. The left-over holder and finger protection are removed in seconds. Then the holding plate can be folded up.

A detailed description of how to set up and take down the appliances is found in the respective operating manual.

Can foldable food slicers be installed in drawers?

Foldable food slicers in the household appliance segment can not be installed in drawers. However, our built-in food slicers are especially designed to be permanently mounted in drawers.

Are foldable food slicers available with a left-sided slicing guide?

There is a ritter built-in food slicer with a left-sided slicing guide: the AES 62 SL. However, there is no standard foldable food slicer with a left-sided slicing guide.

How are foldable food slicers stored?

After use, the foldable food slicers (household appliances) can be folded to save space and easily stored with a maximum width of 10.5 cm. Thanks to the divisible carriage and the ability to store loose parts directly on the appliance, the food slicer is always complete.

The built-in food slicers are easily folded up and stored in the drawer.

Is the cutting thickness continuously variable?

Yes, the cutting thickness is continuously variable.

What is the smallest possible cutting thickness for foldable food slicers?

Thanks to the continuously variable adjustment of the cutting thickness, a setting from 0 to about 14 mm is possible.

How long can a foldable food slicer be operated continuously?

Use the appliances for a maximum of 5 minutes in continuous operation.

What material is a foldable food slicer made of?

The materials used for the foldable food slicers differ according to the model. They are made of steel, stainless steel, aluminium, high-quality plastic and moulded rubber parts in varying proportions. Please see the product descriptions of the appliances for detailed information about the materials.

How is the food collecting tray attached on a foldable food slicer?

On the icaro7 food slicer, the food collecting tray attaches on the left side of the appliance. There is no food collecting tray for the markant01 and markant05. With the AES 52 S built-in food slicer, the food collecting tray is inserted into the tracks on the side. On all other built-in food slicers, the food collecting tray automatically opens to the working position when you unfold the food slicer.

Do the foldable food slicers have a child lock?

No, the foldable food slicers do not have a child lock but a safety switch for intermittent and continuous operation. Two operating modes are respectively available. The switch has to be held for short-term operation, and the switch can be released for continuous use.

Are there accessories/spare parts available for foldable food slicers?

Yes, there are various accessories/spare parts for the foldable food slicers. We offer various circular blades (serrated or smooth ham and sausage circular blades), left-over holders, food collecting trays and much more. These are found in our spare parts shop.

What are the differences between the foldable food slicers?

For one thing, the difference in the foldable food slicers is that there are household appliances to use on the work surface, and built-in appliances for installation in drawers. There are also differences between the appliances. We offer foldable food slicers in solid metal, metal or plastic versions, various on/off switches, with a food collecting tray or without, and appliances of various sizes. Detailed information is found on the respective product pages.

Are foldable food slicers stable during slicing?

There are rubber feet on the bottom of the food slicers that are set up on the work surface, ensuring stability and safety. However, please make sure they are free of grease and crumbs. We recommend cleaning the rubber feet regularly. Also please note that the surface condition of the worktop matters for a firm hold.

The built-in food slicers are secured with a buffer screw so the drawer does not move during slicing. Unscrew the buffer screw until it lightly contacts the front edge of the worktop (no jamming!).

How can the circular blade on a foldable food slicer be changed?

The circular blades are quick and easy to change depending on the circular blade lock. Here is a list of the various circular blade locks and how to open them:

Bayonet quick-acting lock: Fold the blade lock up, turn it clockwise and remove it. Take hold of the circular blade at its rotational centre and remove it.

Bayonet lock: Open the blade lock by turning it clockwise. Remove the blade lock.

Coin-operated lock: Apply a suitable coin (2, 1 or 0.50 euro coin) to the blade lock and turn it clockwise.