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Built-in vacuum cleaner SES 10

Product number: 940000


The built-in vacuum cleaner SES 10 is practically stowed away and yet always ready for use.

Accumulated dirt is swept in front of the suction slot and vacuumed away in seconds by simply tapping it with your foot.

For the puchase of a built-in system such as this one, it is best to contact a specialist kitchen retailer in your area.

In case you're unsure which model is well suited for installation in your drawer, please refer to our installation guide.

Product information "Built-in vacuum cleaner SES 10"

Built-in vacuum cleaner SES 10

For installation in almost every furniture front panel from 10 cm front panel height, can be retrofitted (fitting space at least 345 mm wide)

The SES 10 built-in vacuum cleaner with stainless steel panel is the efficient alternative to the awkward conventional vacuum cleaner, simply installed under the kitchen unit and always ready to use.

Touch the stainless steel knob with your foot or a broom to activate the built-in vacuum cleaner. Any dirt swept in front of the suction opening is removed in seconds thanks to the powerful 600-Watt motor.

Just 10.5 centimetres high, the device can be fitted - or retrofitted - under almost all fittings and in any panelling. All you need is a standard 230-Volt socket.

The SES 10 built-in vacuum cleaner uses conventional Swirl® vacuum cleaner bags A07 with anti-allergen filters.

  • efficient 600 watt motor
  • stainless steel finish
  • activated by tapping the button
  • automatic switch-off after 60 seconds
  • quick cleaning without dragging a heavy conventional vacuum cleaner
  • rapid dirt extraction
  • extracts dirt up to 12 mm in diameter
  • vacuum cleaner bags easy to change
  • vacuum cleaner bag (with anti-allergen filters) included in scope of delivery
  • VDE/GS, CE
  • 220-240 V, 600 W, 50/60Hz
  • weight: 6.0 kg
  • Dimensions: height: 105 mm   width: 365 mm   depth: 425 mm


The built-in devices from ritterwerk are, even if they may not look like it, a more complex matter than just unpacking them, placing them in the counter and using them. There are many things to consider, such as the requirements for the installation, the dimensions and the correct mounting of the device. The sale/distribution of the built-in appliances is therefore exclusively carried out via the kitchen furniture industry or kitchen retailers. The installation of built-in appliances should be carried out by qualified personnel (kitchen manufacturers, carpenters, etc.).

We will show you exactly which built-in food slicer is best suited for the respective planning situation in our installation notes. There, you will also find further information on installation and assembly.

Special features

Stainless steel look

With its simple but high-quality stainless steel look, the built-in vacuum cleaner fits easily into any kitchen.

Quick Installation

The built-in vacuum cleaner SES 10 can be installed at any time from a skirting board height of 100 mm – even retroactively. The width of the cutout is a minimum of 345 mm. All that is required for installation is a cutout in your skirting board, as well as a 230 Volt power connection.


Rollers are attached to the back of the underside of the built-in vacuum cleaner. These are stored in such a way that the vacuum cleaner can be pulled on its rollers merely through raising it slightly. When it is set down, the suction lip at the front lies flush with the floor. As a result, the built-in vacuum cleaner does not slip.

Switching On and Off

The vacuum cleaner is activated simply by tapping the stainless steel button with your foot or a brush. The vacuuming process is ended by tapping the stainless steel button once more or automatically after 60 seconds.

High Suction Speed

The motor generates a vacuum. The dirt particles are fed into the inside of the casing due to the resulting airflow. Accumulated dirt is swept in front of the suction slot and removed in seconds thanks to the powerful 600 Watt motor.

Bag Replacement

To change the vacuum cleaner bag, extract the device and open the suction chamber cover. Now, simply insert a new bag with one easy click. Afterwards, the suction chamber cover is closed once more, and the built-in vacuum cleaner pushed back into the base of the furniture.


The built-in vacuum cleaner SES 10 may only be cleaned with a dry or slightly damp cloth.

Optional accessories

For the built-in vacuum cleaner SES 10, there is also a suction hose with insertion nozzle and two different attachments. This makes it easy to clean even hard-to-reach places.

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