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Food slicer serano⁷

Product number: 553050
Our benefits
  • Full metal construction
  • Inclined
  • Electronic rpm adjustment
  • Powerful DC motor
  • Made in Germany


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Product information "Food slicer serano⁷"

Electrical food slicer serano7 

In the edition of ‘Haus & Garten Test’ (06.2011), the food slicer serano7 did convince right down the line and was elected test winner. The food slicer serano7 does impress with its special technical features. For example, the inclined position of the pressure plate does ensure optimal slicing position, especially for thin slices.

The broad-surfaced and easy-gliding carriage does barely restrict the size of the food. If necessary, the carriage may easily be taken off. ‘Perfect slicing’ is supported by the powerful DC-motor and the largely covered serrated blade. 

The slicing rounds per minute (‘rpm’) may be adjusted to the foodstuff to be sliced. The thickness of the slices can be precisely selected from wafer-thin to approx. 23 mm

  • full metal construction, inclined
  • silver metallic
  • serrated circular blade, 17 cm ø
  • circular blade cover
  • slice thickness adjustable up to approx. 23 mm
  • safety switch for intermittent and continuous operation
  • vario electronic rpm adjustment
  • easy-going carriage with metal plating - broad-surfaced and detachable
  • carriage way approx. 24 cm
  • food tray
  • cable compartment
  • DC motor
  • 230 V, 130 W, duty cycle 10 minutes
  • VDE/GS, safety category 1, CE
  • dimensions: width 29.0 cm height 24.5 cm depth 37.0 cm
  • weight: 4.8 kg


Special features

Full metal construction, inclined

The semi-professional, excellent and elegant food slicer sercano x in full metal guarantees the best slicing results, a high level of stability and long life span. The incline of the holding plate allows a perfect slicing position, making slicing possible without any major effort.

DC motor

The circular blade is driven by an extremely powerful and at the same time very quiet 130 watt DC motor. The serano7 food slicer can be used in continuous operation for 10 minutes.

Vario electronic

With the integrated vario electronic, the blade speed can be adapted to the food currently being sliced, achieving the best possible slicing result. A slow speed can be set for soft products and a fast speed for hard products.

Safety switch for intermittent and continuous operation

Two operating modes are available. For short operation, the switch is pressed to position "II". The circular blade runs as long as the switch remains pressed in this position. For continuous operation, the switch is pressed to the "I" position. The circular blade runs in this operating mode without the switch being held down, until the switch is returned to the "0" position. In addition, there is almost no limit to what can be sliced thanks to the broad-surfaced metal carriage.

Slice thickness continuously adjustable

Stepless adjustment of the slice thickness is possible from wafer-thin up to approx. 23 mm. Thanks to the infinitely variable slicing thickness adjustment, the food can be cut into appetising slices. 

Circular blade cover

The serrated blade, made from stainless steel, ensures the perfect "slice", achieving even better slicing results protected by the circular blade cover. 

Circular blade lock

Thus, the circular blade can easily be removed for cleaning thanks to a screw plug lock. The screw cap is opened with a key located behind the blade cover.

Easy-going carriage

The premium, broad-surfaced easy-going carriage with stainless steel support offers a high level of operating convenience and also ensures smooth operation. 

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Available accessories/spare parts

Left-over holder

Food tray
Collect the slices

Idler gear
Double-sided cylindrical gear

Circular blade lock
For fixing the blade

Rocker switch with cable
intermittent and continuous operation

Rocker switch
intermittent and continuous operation

Circular blade cover
For fixing the blade

Slicing carriage

Rubber foot, plug-on type
high-quality suction foot


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