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Slicers, coffe machines, toasters, kettles – "made in Germany" household appliances

Food slicers – in different models for different purposes – make up the biggest part of this group, but it also includes toasters, kettles, coffee machines and many built-in household appliances.

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ritterwerk, a German company, has been developing and manufacturing household appliances such as toasters, coffee machines, built-in food slicers and many others since 1905. Our products make your kitchen tasks easier. Our range of household appliances is divided into two areas: the traditional free-standing devices, which you use on a kitchen counter, and the built-in solutions, such as built-in toastersbuilt-in food slicers and built-in bread bins. These built-in appliances are installed in kitchen drawers.

Save space with built-in toaster, food slicers and bread bins

We are a medium-sized company that offers you a large selection of high-quality built-in appliances. We develop and manufacture space-saving built-in solutions for household appliances. Because they are installed in kitchen drawers, built-in toasters, built-in food slicers and built-in bread bins create more space on your kitchen worktop.

"made in Germany" household appliances

We stand out in particular because all of our household appliances - whether food slicers or peelers, our high-quality breakfast line consisting of toasterskettles and coffee machines, or our built-in appliances - continue to be produced exclusively in Germany. “made in Germany” is firmly anchored in our business philosophy. The production of household appliances here at our facility in Gröbenzell near Munich means far more to us than just preserving and creating jobs. High quality standards, the right materials for form and use, and functional design are at the core of our business and the associated tradition of the Bauhaus movement of the 1920s.

A symbiosis between the Zeitgeist (spirit of the age) and the elements of the Bauhaus tradition is the basis for the development of all our household appliances, which emerge as a result of market conditions and technical possibilities. With the introduction of the coffee machine, our styling remains consistent with the Bauhaus tenets, and this product complements the toaster and kettle in our elegant breakfast set.


Customer service for folding bread machines, kettles, toasters and coffee machines

For us, "made in Germany" means not only manufacturing quality products but also offering outstanding customer service. We guarantee, years after your purchase, a supply of accessories for folding bread slicers and food slicers as well as replacement parts for kettles, coffee machines and all other household appliances. In our in-house customer service shop in Gröbenzell, we can usually repair broken ritter products such as folding bread slicers and all other ritter kitchen appliances even after decades of use.


On the roof of our production facility, we have installed a large photovoltaic system, to make a positive contribution to climate protection. The durability of our household appliances, peelers and bread bins further serves the goal of sustainability, as does energy conservation through our energy-saving kettles and coffee machines and our use of eco-motors technology in our food slicers.


Award-winning ritter household appliances

In the year of the company’s 100th anniversary, ritter won the renowned distinction of a TOP 100 company, meaning that it ranked among Germany’s 100 most innovative middle-sized companies. Other product and design awards, for kettles and toasters as well as food slicers, confirm the high quality of our products.

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