Cordless hand blenders

A true ritter knows how to set modern colour accents

Foldable food slicer icaro5

A true ritter fits perfectly even in smaller kitchens

iF Design Award

A true ritter always wins

Red Dot Design Award

A true ritter scores full dots

Cordless hand blender stilo7

always loaded and ready for use

Hand-operated food slicers

A true ritter knows how to crank it up

Built-in vacuum cleaner SES 10

easily removes dust and crumbs

Built-in hand blender ESM 50

always at hand

ritter breakfast set awarded with Blue Angel

energy-efficient and classy

Kitchen appliances and household appliances -"made in Germany"

ritterwerk, a German company, has been developing and manufacturing household appliances such as food slicers, toasters, coffee makers, water kettles, cordless hand blenders, built-in food slicers and many others since 1905, when it was founded by Franz Ritter. Our products make your kitchen tasks easier.

Our range of household appliances is divided into two areas: the traditional freestanding devices, which you use on a kitchen counter, and the built-in solutions, such as built-in toasters, built-in food slicers, built-in hand blenders as well as a built-in vacuum cleaner. These built-in appliances are installed in kitchen drawers or directly in the front panel beneath the kitchen unit.

Save space with built-in toaster, food slicers, vacuum cleaners and hand-held blenders

We are a medium-sized company that offers you a large selection of high-quality built-in appliances. We develop and manufacture space-saving built-in solutions for household appliances. Because they are installed in kitchen drawers and beneath the kitchen units, built-in toasters, built-in food slicers and built-in hand blenders create more space on your kitchen worktop. The built-in vacuum cleaner on the other hand can be installed in almost every front panel under the kitchen unit and quickly takes care of crumbs and dust – one only has to sweep any dirt in front of the suction opening, activate it by touching the button and it will be gone in mere seconds.

Household appliances "made in Germany"

We stand out in particular because all of our household appliances - whether food slicers or peelers, our high-quality breakfast line consisting of toasters, kettles and coffee machines, our cordless hand blender or our built-in appliances - continue to be produced exclusively in Germany. “made in Germany” is firmly anchored in our business philosophy. The production of household appliances here at our facility in Gröbenzell near Munich means far more to us than just preserving and creating jobs. High quality standards, the right materials for form and use, and functional design are at the core of our business and the associated tradition of the Bauhaus movement of the 1920s.

A symbiosis between the Zeitgeist (spirit of the age) and the elements of the Bauhaus tradition is the basis for the development of all our household appliances, which emerge as a result of market conditions and technical possibilities. With the introduction of the coffee machine, our styling remained consistent with the Bauhaus tenets, and this product complements the toaster and kettle in our elegant breakfast set. The first cordless hand blender stilo 7 ideally further expands our selected design product range.