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Food slicer amano⁵

Product number: 107001
Our benefits
  • Full metal construction
  • Manually operated
  • With a bamboo board
  • Adjustable guide bracket for the food to be sliced
  • Made in Germany


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Product information "Food slicer amano⁵"

amano5 hand-operated food slicer – Reliable technology equipped with modern tools

The hand-operated food slicer amano5 has a high degree of truth to material, is largely made of sturdy metal and, thanks to its timeless design, practically fits into any home.

It is operated by a smooth metal crank with a particularly high-quality beech wood handle and therefore no electricity is required. Therefore it can be used everywhere and at any time. The amano5 is equipped with a guide bracket for better discharge of large, hard foods during the slicing process. The advantage of this is that the evenly cut food does not get in the way or block the continuing "crank operation". The food to be sliced is channelled away from the crank and then lands on the bamboo board provided exactly for this purpose. It perfectly fits into the rails directly under the food slicer - it can be pulled out and used as a rustic serving plate or cutting board, too.

Furthermore, the amano5 is equipped with four suction feet, which ensure a particularly secure, non-slip stand. You only have to press the device a little bit onto the surface of the desired workstation and the silicone feet will suck themselves tight.

The slice thickness can be adjusted continuously up to approx. 20 mm and the stainless steel carriage can be removed very easily.

*Please note that some bamboo boards are not marked with the correct FSC® image.

  • manually operated
  • food sliced from left to right
  • full metal construction
  • silver metallic
  • serrated circular blade, 17 cm Ø
  • slice thickness adjustable up to approx. 20 mm
  • detachable carriage made of stainless steel
  • carriage way approx. 20 cm
  • smooth metal crank with a beech wood handle
  • stainless steel braket to guide the food slices
  • FSC® certified bamboo board collects the food slices and, at the same time, serves as a cutting board
  • four high-quality suction feet for a non-slip and solid footing
  • TÜV-Rheinland/GS
  • dimensions: width 34.5 cm  height 25.5 cm  depth 37.0 cm
  • weight: 4.3 kg incl. bamboo board


The hand-operated food slicer amano5 has received the iF Design Award 2021 on the basis of the points it has scored in the categories of idea, form, function, unique selling proposition and relevance. Once again, an international jury consisting of 98 experts presented the renowned design prize and had to select the winners from even more submissions than ever before. The amano5 was able to prevail and is thus one of the deserving prize winners - because only the most innovative and best are admitted to the international ranks of iF prize winners.


Our hand-operated food slicers amano5 and amano5 Duo Plus were rated "VERY GOOD" and given the grade of 1.2 by the test magazine Haus & Garten Test (issue 01/2021).

Especially in the areas of functionality, handling and ecology, a high score was achieved.

Conclusion of the test magazine: „The hand-operated food slicers by ritter deliver wafer-thin slices if needed. They impress with their bamboo boards, which can be used as a serving plate, too and perfectly fit below the appliances."

Special features

Full metal construction

The full metal design of the hand operated food slicer amano5 guarantees the best possible slicing results  and a long service life. 

Smooth crank

The robust and smooth manual crank from metal with a plastic handle is operated with the right hand and ensures that the food slicer amano5 do not require any electricity at all.

Guide bracket

For a better result of large, hard pieces during the slicing process, the amano5 is equipped with a guide bracket for the food to be sliced. This has the advantage that the evenly sliced cut food doesn’t get in the way of or block continuing “crank operation”.

FSC® certified bamboo board

The sliced food is channelled away from the crank and then lands on the bamboo board intended for this purpose. It also serves as a cutting board with perfect material properties.

High-quality suction feet

When you press the hand-operated food slicer amano5 onto the surface, the silicone feet attach firmly and thus prevent slipping during the cutting process.

Slice thickness continuously adjustable

Stepless adjustment of the slice thickness is possible from wafer-thin up to approx. 20 mm. Thanks to the infinitely variable slicing thickness adjustment, the food can be cut into appetising slices. 

Detachable carriage

The stainless steel carriage of the amano5 food slicer can be easily removed for oversized products or for cleaning.

Circular blade

The serrated circular blade, made from stainless steel, ensures the perfect "slice". It is well suited for all kinds of slicing. Both hard and soft food may be cut into appetizing slices.

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Available accessories/spare parts

Sealing washer for circular blade
For fixing the blade

Serrated circular blade for Hand-operated food slicer
With a white gear (not for E061)

Carriage guidance element
Here the carriage is hooked into

Drive pinion

Left-over holder

Stainless steel guide bracket
The slicing process don´t block

Stainless steel slicing carriage
For manual food slicer

Beech wood handle
Beech wood handle on the amano5

Countersunk screw M4x8
For mounting the rubber foot

Bamboo board, amano⁵
Collect the slices

Rubber foot suction cup to be screwed on
For manual food slicers


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