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Food slicer contura³

Product number: 558012
Our benefits
  • Full metal construction
  • Elegant design
  • Easy-going metal carriage
  • Professionally inclined
  • Made in Germany


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Product information "Food slicer contura³"

Electrical food slicer contura– tempting design and practical functions

The food slicer contura3 by ritter has received the reddot design award 2008 and has been nominated for the design award 2009. In 2010 the slicer was selected test winner by the consumer magazin ETM-Testmagazin.

contura3 impresses with its professional touch and is elegant design. The broad-surfaced carriage is made of metal and may be unlocked and detached if necessary. The 25-degree-inclanation of the food holding plate does ensure the optimal slicing position.

The special serrated circular blade, covered largely, does allow slicing of any food, from extra-thin to 23 mm thickness.

The modern construction also provides a cord-storage for the cable not needed.

Every appliance detail as well as the arrangement of the operation functions is optimised and well thought-out. A jewel for any kitchen…

  • full metal construction, inclined
  • silver metallic
  • serrated circular blade, 17 cm ø
  • circular blade cover
  • slice thickness adjustable up to approx. 23 mm
  • safety switch for intermittent and continuous operation
  • easy-going metal carriage – broad-surfaced and detachable
  • carriage way approx. 24 cm
  • food tray
  • cable compartment
  • 230 V, 65 W, duty cycle 5 minutes
  • VDE/GS, safety category 2, CE
  • dimensions: width 29.5 cm height 24.5 cm depth 39.0 cm
  • weight: 4.4 kg



The red dot award is an internationally recognised seal of quality for high design quality. The design competition has already existed since 1954. An international jury only awards the coveted prize to products that clearly stand out from comparable products due to their outstanding design. In 2008 the contura3 slicer received this renowned reward.


The Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany is the highest official German award in the field of design. This prize has been awarded since 1969 and is presented annually by the Federal Minister of Economics and Technology. In 2009, the contura3 food slicer was nominated in the "Product Design" category.

Special features

Full metal construction, inclined

The 25-degree-inclination of the food holding plate offers an optimal and comfortable slicing position. Due to the inclined position, the product slides continuously and independently without having to be pushed to the circular blade. The full metal design offers exceptional stability.

Easy-going carriage

The easy-going metal carriage allows a high level of user comfort while slicing. In addition, there is almost no limit to what can be sliced thanks to the broad-surfaced metal carriage. 

Circular blade cover

The serrated circular blade, made from stainless steel, ensures the perfect "slice", achieving even better slicing results protected by the circular blade cover.

Circular blade lock

Thus, the circular blade can easily be removed for cleaning with no additional tools thanks to a convenient bayonet lock.

Slice thickness continuously adjustable

Food can be cut and prepared very easily into even slices using the food slicer contura3, as the slicing thickness can be precisely adjusted from wafer-thin to approx. 23 mm as required. 

Safety switch for intermittent and continuous operation

Two operating modes are available. For short operation, the switch is pressed to position "II". The circular blade runs as long as the switch remains pressed in this position. For continuous operation, the switch is pressed to the "I" position. The circular blade runs in this operating mode without the switch being held down, until the switch is returned to the "0" position.

Food tray

The food tray to catch the sliced food is placed underneath the circular blade so that the slices can fall directly onto it. The sliced product can be conveniently and directly served using the practical food tray made of high-quality, easy-to-clean plastic.

Powerful eco motor

The power is here! The food slicer contura3 is driven by a 65 W eco motor which is 20 % more economical and just the same 50 % more powerful than the previous model. The use of this energy-saving motor makes a positive contribution to environmental protection.

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Available accessories/spare parts

Circular blade cover
For fixing the blade

Motor gear, brown
Counterpart: purple blade carrier

Rubber foot, plug-on type
Prevent slipping

operating instructions contura³
Safety instructions

Blade storage box
Delivery without blade

Guiding skid, right
For inclindes food slicers

Rocker switch
intermittent and continuous operation

Left-over holder

Standard ham- and sausage circular blade with an orange gear
Counterpart: brown motor carrier

Rocker switch with cable
intermittent and continuous operation

Circular blade lock
For fixing the blade

Guiding skid, left
For inclindes food slicers

Motor with a brown gear (right-handed operated)
Counterpart: purple blade carrier

Standard serrated circular blade with an orange gear
Counterpart: brown motor carrier

Food tray
Collect the slices


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