Toaster – incomparably slim-line elongated slot toaster

For many people, a slice of toast is just as essential and obvious a part of breakfast as coffee or tea. Since 2010 it has been possible to brown one's toast in a genuine designer item "made by ritterwerk": The ritter-toasters are furthermore among the slimmest toasters in the world. This minimalist highlight is normally to be found in the kitchen in the colours black, red or white. Customers have also been able to design the glass panels individually. Whether it be a work of art, graphic design or wedding photo – favourite motifs can be send to and make each toaster a unique item.

Your benefits with a toaster from ritter



  • Quality product made in Germany
  • Incomparably slimline with only 9 cm depth
  • Integrated bread and roll rack
  • Memory function of the toasting degree
  • Defrosting and reheating function
  • Crumb tray
  • Reparability



Our toasters at a glance

Thanks to its extremely low depth of shortly 9 cm, the toasters of the volcano series are incomparably slim and they impress with a timelessly elegant design. High-quality materials, perfect production and a sophisticated design ensure sustainability. "Made in Germany", of course, like everything by ritter.

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Toaster - what you need to know
1. The fronts of our toasters
Glass panels





The fronts of this toaster consist of high-quality glass, which doesn’t just look chic, being available in the colours of white, black and red, but also caters for a thermally insulated housing. If you would like to have your own pattern on the glass fronts of the toaster instead of the three standard colours, you are welcome to send an individual picture to ritterwerk. The glass fronts will then be printed with the desired pattern, and you will have a special toaster which is unique.

Aluminium panels





Unlike the toasters with glass panels, this toaster has aluminium panels. These also cater for a thermal insulated housing, and create an equally elegant impression in your kitchen.

2. The benefits of our toasters
Thermal insulated housing





The toaster not only looks elegant with its aluminum or glass outer casing, but is also thermally insulated from the outside. The automatic switch-off on clamping the toast and a separate stop button to interrupt the toasting process also ensure absolutely safe toasting.

Incomparably slim






With a depth of shortly 9 cm, the elegant elongated slot toaster is incomparably slim-line and a real eye-catcher in any kitchen.

Toast two slices






The elongated slot toasters can toast two slices at a time and does have an automatic toast food centering.

Bread and roll rack






The bread and roll rack is integrated in the toaster and can be easily raised and lowered. This means that sometimes thicker slices of bread or other pastries, such as croissants and rolls, can be quickly warmed up or toasted.

Crumb tray






With the crumb tray, which is quick and easy to remove, the toaster is easy to clean.

Toasting degree with LED indication






The degree of toasting can be set as required, this is displayed digitally via LEDs and is retained by a memory function during the next toasting process.

Defrosting and reheating function






The warm-up function makes it easy to reheat toasted bread within 30 seconds without toasting it again. Using the separate defrosting function, frozen slices of bread can also be defrosted and then toasted in one operation.

3. Awarded – our toasters

volcano5 – German Design Award

Any products that are pioneering in their own way on the German and international design scene are awarded with this design award. As a result the long slot volcano5 toaster was also awarded with this internationally respected design award for its nomination in 2012. The aim of the German Design Award is to discover, present and award unique design trends. A competition that promotes the design scene.

volcano5 – iF product design award

The IF product design award has been awarding design services that are determined by an international jury of experts according to defined criteria since 1953. The incomparably small volcano5 toaster was awarded with this internationally important award in 2011.

Blue Angel

Our incomparably small toasters has been awarded the Blue Angel seal. This makes us the only household appliances manufacturer in the world whose toasters are currently allowed to bear the label since they are particularly excellent energy-efficient, climate-friendly products. The environmental label was created in 1978 on the initiative of the German Federal Minister of the Interior and approved by the Ministers of the Environment for the German federal states.

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Have we managed to arouse your interest?


If so, get in contact with us easily and quickly and ask any questions you may have on the topic – our trained and experienced employees are happy to help you.

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4. Frequently asked questions about our toaster

Do you have any questions about our toasters? Here are some frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers. If your question has not been not included or still isn’t sufficiently clarified, we will be pleased to assist you.

How does a toaster work?

In contrast to other toasters, ritter toasters do not have two slots for toasting purposes, but just one elongated slot – hence the name “elongated slot toaster”. The toasting process is started by simply pushing down the lever. After the set time/toasting degree has elapsed, the toasting process ends and the toasted food is discharged upwards.

Which toaster is the best?

Different designs of toaster are available from ritter, depending on what you want from your toaster. Each toaster is a high-quality product which is also quick and easy to use.

How much does a toaster cost?

The prices of our toasters varies according to the model. You can choose between a toaster with glass panels in black, red or white, a toaster with aluminium panels or an individually designed toaster with your own pattern on the glass panels.

How much electricity does a toaster use?

We aren’t able to say with certainty. It is generally the case, however, that the higher the performance (as shown on the type plate) and the longer the operating time, the higher the power consumption.

How many Watts does a toaster require?

All ritter toasters require between 850 – 1,000 Watts.

Does the toaster have a safety stop function?

If the food gets stuck in the toasting shaft, the toaster will still switch off after the set toasting degree has been reached.

What type of heating does the toaster use?

We use “heating wires” which are wound on a carrier (mica plate). Heating wires, or quartz heating rods, are two different but equivalent processes. They don't have any particular advantages or disadvantages.

Will the toaster remember the set toasting degree?

The set toasting degree is displayed digitally on LEDs, and is retained with the memory function for the next toasting process so it doesn’t always have to be set again – this also applies when the toaster is disconnected from the mains.

Does the toaster get hot on its outside?

The slim design of the toaster means its glass fronts can heat up. However, the temperatures achieved are within the standard specifications. There is therefore no risk of fire.

How wide is the slot of the toaster?

The toasting shaft of the toaster is approx. 10 cm high and approx. 25 cm in length.

Do maxitoasts also fit inside the toaster?

The toasting shaft is approx. 10 cm high and approx. 25 cm in length. It is therefore suitable for maxitoasts.

How long is the toaster’s power cord?

The cord is approx. 108 cm in length.