Kettle fontana<sup>5</sup>
Kettle fontana<sup>5</sup>
Kettle fontana<sup>5</sup>

Kettle fontana5

fontanabears the Blue Angel environment label. The kettle was awarded the quality seal due to its low energy consumption and high quality.

The fontana5 kettle also tops its class in functional details and was awarded for its outstanding design. It has won the renowned red dot product design award 2013. This award is a seal of quality recognized worldwide for outstanding design. The kettle fontana5 remains true to the reduced, pure, clear and timeless Bauhaus look concerning form and color. Instead of recycling old designs in retro, the user-friendliness does define the looks. Hence, also the kettle does bear the same Bauhaus elements typical of ritter products. Reduction to the essential. Long-lasting materials. Production on site.

The cordless kettle with 360° rotating base does have a heat-resistant high-quality acrylic housing. The double-sided indicator allows to easily read the water level. LED indicators show the set temperatures of 70°, 80°, 95° and 100° C. All safety requirements are fulfilled by overheating protection, boil-dry protection and automatic switch-off functions.

fontana5 - of course 'made in Germany', as all other products by ritter.

Short description 

  • cordless kettle with 360° rotating base
  • heat-resistant acrylic housing
  • double-sided water level indicator
  • safety lid with lock mechanism
  • removable lime-scale filter
  • covered heating element with stainless steel protector plate
  • cord storage in the base with two cord exits
  • four rubber feet to prevent slipping
  • 70°, 80°, 95° and 100° C temperature settings with LED indicator
  • overheating protection with automatic switch-off when the set temperature is reached
  • boil-dry protection with automatic switch-off when kettle is empty
  • automatic switch-off when kettle is removed from base
  • 1,1 liter capacity

Technical details

  • 220 - 240 V, 2400 - 2800 W
  • VDE/GS, safety category 1, CE
  • dimensions: width 22.0 cm height 24.5 cm depth 15.0 cm
  • weight: 1.3 kg

Advice for use

Ideal water temperature for hot drinks and soups

No matter if you want to heat up water for tea, coffee or instant products – the possibility to pre-select the water temperature at either 70°C, 80°C, 95°C or 100°C with the ritter kettle fontana5, does always ensure the best treat.

A short survey of tea:

All of the about 3.000 known types of tea are made from the Camellia tea plant. Various crossbreeds, different growing areas with their individual climate conditions as well as harvesting and processing do result in the vast diversity of different tea flavors.

The freshly harvested tea leaves are being processed by different means, methods and techniques, resulting in total six sorts of tea whose only difference is their way of making.

Finally, it’s not only the quality of the tea leaves which decides on the optimal tea savor, but also factors like dosage, water temperature and –quality as well as the brewing time. Every type of tea has a certain brewing temperature at which it fully develops its flavor. For example, if you brew tender white tea with boiling hot water, the precious but easily evaporating flavors will get lost.

Thus, every tea needs its specific water temperature and brewing time. Therefore, please keep to the recommendations of your specialized tea dealer and experiment in order to find your own favorite taste.

The following overview will inform you about the six different types of tea and their approximate water temperature:

  • Black Tea: 90 - 100°C
  • Green Tea: 70 - 80°C
  • White Tea: 70°C
  • Yellow Tea: 80°C
  • Oolong Tea: 70 - 80°C
  • Pu Erh Tea: 70 - 80°C

Mixtures of herbs and fruits are no teas in a narrow sense, because they’re not made from the tea plant but from parts of herbs and fruits. For these brewing drinks it’s very important to have a high water temperature for soaking and releasing the pharmaceutical ingredients.

  • Herb Tea: 100°C
  • Fruit Tea: 100°C

Tea Master Zhang Dafu knew about the importance of the water quality for the preparation of tea already: “The quality of a good cup of tea depends 20% on the tea itself and 80% on the water used”.

In general, tea should be prepared with fresh, unchlorinated, oxigenic and rather soft water. The degree of the water hardness, however, also depends on the region. Water which is too limy causes a blurry film at the surface which prevents the flavor from developing.

Still mineral water is suitable to a limited extent only. It often contains high amounts of calcium and hydrocarbonate which become small white flakes when the water starts boiling while also increasing the pH value. Thus, only use still mineral water with low calcium and hydrocarbonate values.

Besides the temperature of the water, every sort of tea also has its own defined brewing time. Try and find out for yourself how you prefer your tea.

Nevertheless, there are some basic rules for orientation: The more tea leaves you use and the hotter the water is, the shorter the brewing time. Black teas are not quite as sensitive as other sorts which sometimes only need a few seconds.

Instant Products:

Hot chocolate or instant soups should be prepared at a water temperature of 100°C.

The optimal temperature for pot- or manual brewing of coffee is at 95°C. Instant coffee should be prepared with 80°C hot water.


Our fontana5 kettle has been awarded the Blue Angel seal. The environmental label was created in 1978 on the initiative of the German Federal Minister of the Interior and approved by the Ministers of the Environment for the German federal states.



The red dot award is an internationally recognised seal of quality for high design quality. The design competition has existed since 1954. An international jury only awards the coveted prize to products that clearly stand out from comparable products due to their outstanding design. In 2013 the fontana5 kettle received this renowned reward.



Haus und Garten Test is the magazine for consumers with advice columns and test reports. Products are competently and professionally tested by this magazine. In November 2013, Haus und Garten Test tested our fontana5 kettle and rated it as "VERY GOOD" (test score 1.4). 



The Home Style Award has been awarded by a professional jury in the context of the Interior Lifestyle China 2013. Awards were given to those products contributing significantly to interior decorations in China in the categories "Best Look", "Best Practical Use" and "Best Green Style". From more than 150 applications, our kettle fontana5 has been selected winner in the category "Best Look".