Sustainability and reparability

These two topics have always been emphasised at ritterwerk – since the success story began when the midsize enterprise opened its doors in Sendling in 1905. Two world wars, a protracted shortage of raw materials and the many changes in the industry over time have not altered this in the least.


Just like the teachings and principles of the 1920s Bauhaus are part of ritterwerk and its history, so are the postulates of sustainability and reparability. With this approach, ritterwerk has not only made a name for itself in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. By now, the ritter brand enjoys great international renown as well.

We are proud that our food slicers, toasters, coffee machines, kettles and hand blenders as well as the proven built-in systems are “made in Germany” and therefore manufactured exclusively at the site in Gröbenzell near Munich. The components are also produced in-house or purchased from suppliers in the region. We place a special emphasis on sustainable production, resource conservation and making an active contribution to protecting the environment.


With our products, we set a standard for the use of appropriate materials and a long service life, and against mass production, cheap disposable goods and planned obsolescence. This is backed by the end-to-end design of all our internal processes for producing, distributing and when necessary repairing our products over an extended period of time. When you bring a ritter machine into your kitchen, you also get the unique ritter customer service with our in-house repair shop.

Another aspect of sustainability for us is that we want to have control over the processes and the materials we use. For example, the development of our appliances also begins directly within ritterwerk on “a sheet of white paper”. This continues with in-house tool making, where all tools and mouldings are fabricated for our suppliers to produce components for the appliances.

Production is an interplay of people and machines. In the partly automated processes, numerous manual tasks continue to be required to assemble food slicers, toasters, coffee machines, kettles and hand blenders as well as built-in food slicers, built-in toasters, built-in hand blenders and the built-in vacuum cleaner.

Spare parts for the appliances bought from us can often be purchased for decades if a defect should occur or a component should break. You can either buy direct through our online shop or contact our customer service workshop.

You can see a wonderful example of the impressive degree of reparability offered by ritter products here:

A rusty old ritter bread slicer is transformed back into a fully functional kitchen appliance just like that!