Installation notes


We strongly recommend having the ritter built-in systems planned and installed by experts. ritterwerk will not assume any responsibility for damage or consequences of improper or poor installation. Please also see our warranty conditions.

Before buying a ritter built-in system, please always check if the internal dimensions of the drawer intended for installation are sufficient and if power supply is provided in (or behind) the cabinet.

You find the instructions for use and installation of all current ritter built-in systems on the relevant product page of our website. We recommend having a look at the installation instructions before you buy a built-in system.


The carriage / food hits the worktop during slicing

This problem occurs depending on the kitchen manufacturer e.g. in handleless kitchens with handle strip or when worktops have excessive thicknesses (> 40 mm). The distance between the bottom of the drawer and the top of the worktop should not exceed 160 mm. Otherwise you may have the problem of hitting the worktop with the food or even with the carriage during slicing.



Solution: For the AES 72 SR, AES 62 SR and AES 62 SL models, a version with higher mount is available. It ensures that the device swivels out of the drawer at increased height when extended and the carriage with the food is positioned higher than the worktop. The higher mount version is marked with an “–H” at the end of the device designation.

If the supplied accessories are not sufficient to bridge the difference in height between the support plate of the multislicer and the worktop, a chipboard may be placed under the device for additional height.



The clear height of the drawer is insufficient / when the device is installed, the drawer cannot be closed anymore / the device rubs on the cabinet crossbeam

This problem occurs e.g. with drawers with underfloor guides. The technology for dampening, self-closing of the drawer, etc. is installed underneath the drawer for design reasons which reduces the clear height of the drawer. As a consequence, an installed multislicer or built-in toaster rubs on the crossbeam or the drawer cannot be closed at all.

Most kitchens have a wooden crossbeam with a thickness of approx. 16 mm installed underneath the worktop. On the one hand, the crossbeam ensures the stability of the cabinet (e.g. during transport), on the other hand, it is used to mount the worktop.

Solution: If it is not possible to install the device due to insufficient clear height, you can gain approx. 14 mm of clear height by removing the wooden crossbeam and replacing it by a metal crossbeam. You can order these metal crossbeams as optional special accessories from your distributor or from ritter customer service.




Please note that our metal crossbeams are intended for cabinet bases with a corpus wall thickness of 16 mm. For cabinets with a corpus wall thickness of more than 16 mm, the only possibility is to remove the crossbeam completely and without replacement.

You have another installation problem we were not able to solve on this page? Or you have questions regarding the installation of our devices? Please contact us directly. Our installation experts are happy to give advice, also over the phone: +49 (8142) 440 16-60. We are looking forward to your call.