Blade Guidance

The slicing result highly depends on the polish, the shaping and the quality of the blade. Therefore, ritter does offer a variety of blades with different slicing features for perfect slicing.

The serrated blade is well suited for all kinds of slicing. Both hard and soft food may be cut into appetizing slices.

The ham- and sausage blade has a smooth blade edge and is suitable for cutting soft foods. It makes very thin slices. This blade is not suitable for cutting baked goods, especially not bread.The blade is available in different designs:


The regular standard blade is suited for every-day use. This blade made of stainless steel is available as serrated blade and as smooth blade.


Electropolished surface:

The blade made of stainless steel has been polished electrolytically by a special procedure, resulting in an extremely smooth surface and even slicing edge. Thus, the slicing results get even more precise and the blade may be cleaned more easily. And in addition, the blade gains an elegant look of high polish. The electropolished blade is available as serrated and as smooth blade.


Non-stick coating:

The blade made of stainless steel has been refined with a non-stick coating. The sticking of soft food, such as cheese, is being reduced by the non-stick method of the coating. A further advantage is the more convenient cleaning of the nonstick blade. That is why hard foods must not be cut using this blade, because the sensitive non-stick coating may be damaged.The non-stick blade is only available as smooth blade.


Care Instructions:

All foods contain natural acids, salts and moisture which can attack the material of the blade. Therefore, we recommend that you always wipe the circular blade with a damp cloth once you have finished using it and that you wash it thoroughly in warm soapy water from time to time. Otherwise flash rust can form on stainless steel.