Serrated circular blade with electropolished surface and a yellow gear

The serrated circular blade made of stainless steel has been polished electrolytically by a special procedure, resulting in an extremely smooth surface and even slicing edge. The blade may be cleaned more easily. And in addition, the blade gains an elegant look of high polish.

The regular standard blade made of stainless steel is suited for every-day use. The serrated circular blade is well suited for all kinds of slicing. Both hard and soft food may be cut into appetizing slices.

The blade is delivered in a storage box.

Please pay attention to the form of the blade and the colour of the gear when placing your order: the form of the previous blade and the colour of the previous gear has to correspond to the form and the colour of the ordered one.

Please do also check the drive wheel. In case it is worn, we highly recommend to replace this as well, since a worn drive wheel may lead to a faster wear of the gear.

For choosing the right kind of blade - regular, with electropolished surface or with a non-stick coating - please refer to our blade guidance.