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ritter werk was founded in 1905 by Franz Ritter and is a traditional Bavarian company based in Gröbenzell near Munich. As a German manufacturer of kitchen appliances, we have devoted ourselves to the principles and teachings of the Bauhaus of the 1920s. Therefore, we manufacture products whose forms always follow their functions. The corner stone of today‘s success story was laid by means of knife cleaning machines, which at times, when stainless steel still needed to be invented, were quite popular. With this appliance, one was able to free knives and other cutlery that were not yet stain- less quite easily of rust, with just a simple crank motion. Until the introduction of stainless steel, the knife-cleaning machine was sold more than 100,000 times; but also the other kitchen appliances by ritter that were created in years to follow enjoyed great popularity and some still do so today. The first bread slicer by ritter was developed almost 30 years after the knife-cleaning machine was first introduced to the market. As with the knife-cleaning machine, the hand crank was also used here – with great success. In 1968, the first electric food slicer followed which, true to the Bauhaus principles of the 1920s, was also designed for the kitchen drawer. The tradition of food slicing with ritter products ranges from the bread slicing machine with the long-serving hand crank and the electric drive to the suspended, inclined food slicer and the one that is integrated into the kitchen drawer. The product range has been continuously expanded over the years; now we offer toasters, coffee machines, kettles, hand blenders and a wide range of built-in systems. The technical refinements as well as the ingenuity regarding the design have been developed and adapted to today’s expertise. Our roots and our endeavour to produce sustainable and durable kitchen appliances that are “made in Germany” and faciliate everyday life are still an important part of our corporate culture. Our selected design is a special range of small kitchen utensils that are outstandingly designed – and reflect our vision perfectly. On the 115th anniversary of our company, we decided to introduce a special product: a hand-operated food slicer. With ingenious, timeless design and high material quality, it operates just like its predecessor but without electricity or dependency on a specific spot. With our new hand-operated food slicer we reflect on our tradition and our promise of quality „made in Germany“ – but we also keep an eye on the current trend towards sustainability and increased demand for environmentally friendly products. ritterwerk GmbH Industriestraße 13 82194 Gröbenzell Germany ... at home in any kitchen fsc-platzhalter Phone: +49 (8142) 440 16-0 Fax: +49 (8142) 440 16-70 graphik design Jürgen Batscheider Stand 02/2020 2010 2012 2015 2019 2020 1905 1932 1968 2008