Cordless hand blender – a blender that does more than “just” blend

Hand blenders are often used in today's kitchens – whether it is for pureeing, making smoothies or chopping vegetables – a good hand blender saves you a lot of trouble. Our cordless, battery-operated hand blender certainly does that. Twisted or too short cables, or even cables which run across the stove are passé: Thanks to its battery operation, the cordless hand blender guarantees absolute freedom when cooking.

Your benefits with the hand blender from ritter




  • Quality product made in Germany
  • High quality materials
  • Powerful battery
  • Automatic safety shut-off
  • Different attachments
  • Wide range of preparation options
  • Reparability


Cordless hand blender

Whether it’s chopping or pureeing, with our cordless hand blenders you have both in one appliance. The universal cutter can take on a wide variety of foods and is ideal for processing most foods. The plastic blending cup is perfect for processing thanks to its narrow, tall shape. In addition, you are no longer tied to a power socket and are guaranteed to be able to move freely with the ritter hand blender. Always charged and ready for use - the cordless hand blender made in Germany - like everything by ritter!

Cordless hand blender Plus

The Plus version of our cordless hand blender offers even more cooking possibilities such as foaming and whisking. Four different stainless steel attachments - universal cutter, whipping disc, stirring disc and cutting knife - enable a wide range of preparation options with the stilo 7 Plus. With the blending cup, you can chop, puree, foam and blend a wide variety of foods, depending on how finely the food is to be processed. Two blending cups are included with the stilo 7 Plus hand blender. One is made of stainless steel and one is made of plastic; they are optimally suited for processing due to their narrow, high shape.

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Hand blender - what you need to know
1. The benefits of our cordless hand blenders

How does the cordless hand blender stand out, and what is so special about it? What distinguishes the ritter hand blender from conventional appliances? We will be pleased to answer these questions:

Full metal construction





As with all ritter products, the hand blener is made in Germany and provides great material quality. For the most part, it consists of high-quality and stable metal.






The new hand blender guarantees absolute freedom in the kitchen with its cordless design. You are no longer bound to a power outlet and can guarantee free movement with the battery-operated hand blender.

Charging station





The hand blender is kept in its own charging station – that way, it is always ready to hand and is recharged automatically after every use as soon as it is put away. Thanks to its intelligent charging technology the battery is gently and slowly charged without being overcharged. This charging technology ensures a longer battery life.

LED battery level indicator





When one of the two buttons is pressed and the hand blender is hung in or taken out of the charging station, the number of glowing LEDs on the LED display will show the hand blender’s state of charge.

Two-finger switch-on safety system






The simple operation of the hand blender with the tried-and-tested two-finger safety switch-on technology prevents accidental switch-on. The hand blender can only be activated by pressing both buttons and becomes inactive if one of the buttons is released.

Three speed settings





The hand blender spins at a maximum speed of 12.000 rpm. Thanks to the switching system, two lower speed levels can then be chosen. The lowest level is best suited for carefully whipping cream or frothy milk, for example.

Mixer unit






The pins at the blender keep the food you want to chop in place in order to guarantee ideal results. The mixer unit has an open shape to prevent clogging when chopping hard foods.

Replaceable battery






Should the battery ever become defective, it would not be necessary to throw away the entire blender. For the sake of sustainability, we have integrated a replaceable battery, so that customers can order a new battery and install it themselves.

2. Awards



Our cordless hand blenders have been awarded the test rating "VERY GOOD" by the test magazine Haus & Garten Test (issue 06/2020) and received a grade of 1.4.

Criteria such as functionality, handling, processing, ecology and safety were taken into account and decidedly evaluated.

Conclusion of the ETM test magazine: "The hand blender from ritter crushes and purees reliably and also relatively quickly. Soup, cream and sauces can be made effortlessly. In addition to its performance, it convinces with its elegant and modern design".

2. The attachments for our hand blender

The universal cutter is pre-assembled at all hand blenders. While the three optional attachments (cutting knife, stirring disk and whipping disk) are included with the stilo7 Plus hand blender, these can be reordered for the stilo7 model in our spare parts shop.

Universal cutter





As its name suggests, the universal cutter offers universal use. This attachment allows you to process most foods quickly and easily. From chopping, to pureeing through to blending, in most cases, the universal cutter produces an excellent result.

Cutting knife






The cutting knife is especially suited to processing fibrous foods, such as meat, fish, fruit (e.g. pineapple) and vegetables (e.g. asparagus). Please remember that meat should be free from any bones and tendons before it is processed.

Whipping disk






To whip milk, cream or egg white to a foamy consistency within seconds, for instance, the best idea is to use the whipping disc. The special shape of the whipping disk also allows you to emulsify salad dressings and sauces to perfection.

Stirring disk






Thick, creamy sauces and soups are best stirred with the stirring disk. Stirred without effort, quickly and easily for an optimum result. Light, liquid doughs can also be prepared excellently with the whipping disk.

4. Using your hand blender correctly

The most important thing first, however: Only start to operate the hand blender when it is safely in the container. In the same way, the following also applies: Always switch the hand blender off first before removing it from the container.

To switch on the hand blender, press and hold the unlock button first. Within two seconds, you should then press power button, and the hand blender will start. The unlock button must be kept pressed during the processing. If the unlock button is released, the hand blender will switch off. By briefly pressing the power button, it is possible to switch through the differing speed settings during operation.
For easier processing, the following generally applies: with liquid is easier than without liquid.
For further information on correct use, refer to the tips on use.

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5. Frequently asked questions about our hand blender

There, you will find a list of frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers about our cordless hand blender. If you miss an answer to your problem, we are at your disposal.

How important are the blades on a hand blender?

Depending on the kind of food you want to process, there are different blades that you should use. Not every blade is suitable for the same processing as the other. The universal cutter is most frequently used, because, as its name suggests, this blade offers very universal use, and is ideal for chopping, mincing, pureeing, mixing, stirring and blending. For further information, refer to “Hand blender attachments”.

What is a hand blender?

A hand blender is used for the quick and easy processing of food, such as the preparation of soups, smoothies and sauces, etc.

How does a hand blender work?

To start the ritter hand blender, press and hold the unlock button first. Within two seconds, you should then press power button, and the hand blender will start. Make sure that you only start the hand blender when it is safely in the container.

Which hand blender is the best?

Different hand blenders are available, depending on your requirements. With the cordless hand blender from ritter, you benefit from the fact that you are no longer tied to a power outlet and can use the blender wherever you like.

What is the best way to process solid ingredients?

When processing solid food, use the universal cutter and work your way slowly from top to bottom. Be sure to turn the blender gently using your wrist and hand. To improve the quality of the processing, lift the hand blender a little before lowering it onto the food again, applying light pressure.

Am I also able to process hot food with my hand blender?

Yes, the hand blender is also suitable for processing hot food, such as soups, sauces, porridge etc. Take care not to dip the hand blender too far (only the blender shaft) into the food.

What should I do if smoke appears from my hand blender?

Stop using the hand blender immediately and contact our in-house customer and repair service straight away.

Is an immersion blender the same as a hand blender?

Yes, an immersion blender is the same appliance as a hand blender.

How many Watts should a good hand blender have?

We are unable to answer this question for certain, because it always depends on the food that you want to process and how long you want to use the hand blender. Our cordless blender is one of the strongest in its class, however, with a power of 120 Watts.

Internet or specialist retailer: Where should I buy my new hand blender?

If you value personal advice, we recommend that you approach a specialist retailer. Your questions will be answered immediately and competently by experienced employees. If you would prefer to find the information you need yourself, you can, of course, find out more in the internet. If you have any questions about the ritter hand blender, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team.