Hand blender vertico7 - The one without cord

As with all ritter products, this appliance has a high quality of materials and mostly consists, of high-quality and stable metal, while the handle is made of plastic for comfortable ergonomics.

Thanks to its battery operation, the cordless hand blender guarantees absolute freedom when cooking. You can see the current charging status of the battery on a LED display. The lithium-ion battery can be carefully and slowly charged without overcharging it, thanks to intelligent charging technology. The charging process ends automatically as soon as the battery is loaded. This charging technology ensures a longer battery lifespan. And, on the subject of sustainable business strategy, new or replacement batteries can be ordered from ritterwerk customer service. It can be changed in just a few steps by the user.

Even safety is an important topic: It has a two-finger switch-on safety system. The unlock and on buttons must be pushed at the same time to prevent them from switching on accidentally. The hand mixer spins at a maximum speed of 12.000 rpm. Thanks to the switching system, two lower speed levels can then be chosen. To protect from overloading, for example if the blade is blocked, or overheating, the appliance shuts itself off automatically.

Four different attachments give the vertico7 various cooking possibilities. In this way, the hand mixer can chop, puree, whip and mix the most various foods, depending on how finely the food is to be processed.

Short Description

  • cordless battery-operated hand blender
  • LED battery level indicator
  • four attachments made of stainless steel:

- universal cutter: standard attachment to blend most foods
- whipping disk: to whip food items
- stirring disk: to stir thick and creamy foods
- cutting knife: to cut meat as well as fibrous fruits and vegetables

  • three speed settings: approx. 12.000 rpm; 9.000 rpm; 6.000 rpm
  • aluminum housing, ergonomic plastic handle
  • two-finger switch-on safety system
  • automatic safety shut-off in case of overloading or overheating

Technical Details

Plug-in power supply unit for charging station:

  • input voltage 100-240 V
  • lithium-ion-battery: 7.2 V; 2.1 Ah
  • TÜV-Rheinland/GS, CE

Hand blender incl. charging station:

  • dimensions: width 15.0 cm   height 44.0 cm   depth 15.5 cm
  • weight: 1.7 kg

Hand blender:

  • dimensions: width 6.0 cm   height 42.0 cm   depth 7.0 cm
  • weight: 1.0 kg