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ritterwerk has expanded its range of food slicers by adding the hand-operated food slicers amano5 and manus3. They both are available as of now.

Both food slicers have a high material quality, are mainly made of solid metal and, due to their timeless design, fit ideally into almost any home. They have four suction feet that ensure a particularly safe, non-slip stand. For a better output of fairly large, hard foods, the appliances have a flexible guide bracket which can be folded up- or downward depending on the foods to be sliced.

With amano5 as well as with manus3, food is sliced from left to right which means that the crank is operated with the right hand and the stainless steel carriage along with the food is pushed forward with the left hand. A little pressure is enough to get slicing results as precise as from an electrical device.

In addition to the beautiful beech wood handle on the crank, the amano5 comes with an additional, quite valuable component: a solid bamboo board that fits into the rails provided directly below the food slicer and that can even be pulled out and used as a rustic serving plate or as a cutting board. It is FSC certified, does not take on any colours or unpleasant odours and is particularly sustainable in its production, since bamboo wood grows very quickly.

As for the manus3, its suspended design, completed by four feet made of high-quality steel, as well as its low weight makes it a very practical kitchen helper.