New awards


For the comparative test of the test magazine Haus & Garten Test (issue 01/2021), two of our appliances were tested thoroughly.

The food slicers sono5 and sono5 Duo Plus were awarded the test rating „VERY GOOD“ and given a grade of 1.4. The hand-operated food slicers amano5 and amano5 Duo Plus were also rated „VERY GOOD“, with a grade of 1.2.

Criteria such as functionality, handling, processing, ecology and safety were taken into account and evaluated closely.

Conclusionof the test magazine: "The food slicers by ritter stand very securely, thanks to their non-slip feet and they deliver very good slicing results. The hand-operated food slicers were able to convince due to their bamboo board, which perfectly fits below the devices and can be used as a serving plate."

We are delighted with these great test results!