Food slicer secura<sup>9</sup>
Food slicer secura<sup>9</sup>
Food slicer secura<sup>9</sup>

Electrical food slicer secura9 – Quality appliance with practical functions for great ease of use

The design of the secura9 food slicer in full metal guarantees the best slicing results, a high level of stability and long life span. The incline of the holding plate allows a perfect slicing position, making slicing possible without any major effort. In addition, the high-quality, easy-going metal carriage supports the ease of use. The carriage can be unlocked and removed as needed.

The switch for continuous and intermittent operation ensures particular safety. With the integrated vario electronic, the circular blade speed can be adapted to the product currently being sliced, achieving the best possible slicing result.

The appliance is equipped with a serrated circular blade with a diameter of 17 cm and is operated quietly with a 130-watt DC motor. The large circular blade cover ensures even better slicing results.

Short description

  • full metal construction, inclined
  • silver metallic  
  • serrated circular blade, 17 cm Ø
  • circular blade cover
  • slice thickness adjustable up to approx. 23 mm
  • safety switch for intermittent and continuous operation
  • vario electronic rpm adjustment
  • easy-going metal carriage
  • broad-surfaced and detachable
  • carriage way approx. 24 cm
  • food tray
  • cable compartment

Technical features

  • DC motor
  • 230 V, 130 Watt, duty cycle 10 minutes
  • VDE/GS, safety category 1, CE
  • dimensions: width 30.0 cm height 24.5 cm depth 37.0 cm
  • weight: 5.3 kg