Foldable food slicer - quickly and easily stowed away

At ritter, "foldable" not only has one meaning – but two. Because not only are our food slicers that are used on the worktop foldable, but also our built-in food slicers, which disappear quickly and easily into the kitchen drawer. Here we explain what the difference is, why there are two versions and what each one is most suitable for.

Foldable food slicer

Probably the best-known type when it comes to foldable food slicers: with these slicers the focus is clearly on function, because they can be folded quickly, easily for space-saving storage in the kitchen cupboard. With a maximum width of 10.5 cm, the foldable bread slicers take up very little storage space – perfect for smaller kitchens or limited space. The food slicer also takes up little space on the worktop when in use. The divisible carriage is also practical, as this means that the food slicers are always complete even when folded.

Foldable built-in food slicer

But foldable food slicers are not only advantageous in smaller kitchens. Built-in food slicers that can be folded away in a drawer also have practical advantages: they save space and are always ready to hand. As a result, the built-in food slicers are safely stored in the drawer and you have more space on the worktop. The foldable built-in food slicers can be fitted in drawers that have a width of 30 cm or more and can be folded up and down in just one or two steps. Built-in slicers are also always protected from dust, dirt and grease. Tiresome prep, clean-up and storage are eliminated with built-in slicers, and they're just as easy to use and maintain.
















ritter fact: Incidentally, the first foldable built-in food slicer from ritter came onto the market in 1969.

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