Coffee machine – energy-saving and elegant

Capsule coffee machine, fully-automatic or the classic filter machine? When deciding which coffee machine is the right one, you should first pose the question of how much coffee you drink a day. If you drink several cups in the morning alone or often have guests to visit, you should think about purchasing a filter coffee machine with a capacity of at least 8 cups. Filter coffee has been trendy again for years and is regarded by many as the purest way to enjoy coffee. In November 2015, ritterwerk therefore added a coffee machine to its range. With the coffee machine, form once again follows function: For example, the machine works with an energy-saving, environmentally friendly brewing process, which is determined by construction and design.

Your benefits with a coffee machine from ritter



  • Quality product made in Germany
  • Energy-saving eco brewing process
  • 0-watt standby mode
  • Automatic switch-off
  • Rotatable, removable filter holder
  • Thermal jug with shatter-proof vacuum cylinder
  • Reparability


ritter filter coffee machine

For finest brewed coffee we recommend our coffee machine in three different colors. Are you a coffee lover and high-quality products and good design in your kitchen is important to you? Then, the high-quality and eco-friendly filter coffee machine by ritter may be exactly what you are looking for.

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Coffee machine - what you need to know
1. Special features of our coffee machines

Isn’t a coffee machine just a coffee machine? We are convinced that this isn't the case, and would like to take this opportunity to present some of the special attributes of our filter coffee machine:

Energy-saving eco brewing process






The filter coffee machine is highly energy-efficient. The coffee machine automatically switches to 0 watt standby mode immediately after the brewing process.

Optimum brewing temperature





The machine's water tank and brewing system are located above the filter. An optimum brewing temperature of the coffee is achieved due to the short distance between the water tank and the filter. In addition, the noise is significantly reduced and less steam escapes during the brewing process.

Long-lasting coffee enjoyment





The thermal jug with break-proof vacuum cylinder made of stainless steel ensures a long-lasting, hot coffee enjoyment. At the same time, the heat-insulated outer housing prevents the risk of unpleasant burns. The thermal jug is ideally suited for use as an elegant tabletop serving jug.

Automatic calcification stop function




The coffee machine switches off automatically when the heating element is no longer able to save electricity due to limescale deposits or when there is a risk of damage to the heating element. The automatic calcification stop function helps to protect the heater from premature wear and thereby supports the longevity of the machine.

Pivoting filter carrier





The rotatable filter holder is equipped with a drip stop and overflow protection. The filter holder can be easily removed for cleaning.

Up to 8 cups of filter coffee





With the coffee machine, 8 cups of 125 ml of filtered coffee can be brewed. The coffee machine is designed for filter size 4.

Sharp pouring edge





The sharp pouring edge of the vacuum jug prevents annoying dripping during pouring and can hence prevent unwanted coffee stains.

2. Awarded – our coffee machine

Blue Angel

Our filter coffee machine has been awarded the Blue Angel seal. The environmental label was created in 1978 on the initiative of the German Federal Minister of the Interior and approved by the Ministers of the Environment for the German federal state

Home Style Award

During the trade fair Interior Lifestyle China our filter coffee machine has been awarded with the Home Style Award 2017 in the category „Supreme Functionality“.This category honours products with outstanding user-friendliness, ergonomics and distinctive functions.

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Have we managed to arouse your interest?


If so, get in contact with us easily and quickly and ask any questions you may have on the topic – our trained and experienced employees are happy to help you.

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3. Frequently asked questions about our coffee machine

Do you have any questions about our coffee machine? Here are some frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers. If your question has not been included or still isn’t sufficiently clarified, we will be pleased to assist you.

How does a filter coffee machine work?

The coffee machine can be used to make up to 8 cups of 125 ml filter coffee. The number of cups can be read on the water level indicator in the water tank. The water tank and brewing system of the machine are located above the filter. The short distance between the water tank and filter reduces temperature losses and therefore saves energy. The thermal jug is lined with a vacuum stainless steel cylinder, so that it can be used to both keep the coffee warm and as a serving jug. The thermal jug holds up to 1 litre of coffee. The coffee machine switches off automatically shortly after the brewing process. The standby consumption totals 0 Watts. The automatic limescale stop function prevents premature wear and tear and increased energy consumption due to calcified parts of the appliance.

How many spoonfuls of coffee should I put in the coffee machine?

This is a matter of taste and depends on personal preference. There is a guideline, however, that says that you should put about 5-7 g of ground coffee per cup into the machine. On the ritter coffee machine, with a maximum fill level (8 cups), that would be approx. 40 g of coffee powder.

Are filter coffee machines that have disposable filters or permanent filters better?

It isn't possible to make a blanket statement here as both have their advantages and disadvantages. Here they are:

Disposable filters

  • Easier to clean because the coffee grounds can be disposed of together with the filter
  • Different versions as they are adapted to the variety of coffee
  • New filters have to be bought regularly (higher costs, damage to the environment)

Permanent filters:

  • Experts claim that a good quality permanent filter results in a superior flavour of the coffee
  • It isn't necessary to buy new filters all the time (cost saving, environmental protection)
  • More frequent cleaning requirement, leading to higher water consumption
  • Can’t be matched with the type of coffee
What is the difference between a glass jug and a thermal jug?

A thermal jug has the following advantages over a glass jug:

  • Its internal, breakproof stainless steel cylinder prevents the coffee jug from breaking
  • It can also be used as a serving jug on the table, keeping the coffee warm
  • The thermal jug is insulated, preventing scalding
  • The thermal jug is energy-saving, as there is no need for an energy-consuming heating hotplate
How do I dispose of my old coffee machine?

At the end of its service life this product may not be disposed of as part of normal domestic waste. It must be taken to a dedicated collection point for recycling electrical and electronic devices.

When should I descale my coffee machine?

Descale your coffee machine regularly. Regular de-scaling saves energy. The frequency with which you need to de-scale depends on the hardness of the water in your local area.

The following signs indicate that your coffee machine needs to be de-scaled:

  • The appliance switches off automatically, even though there is still some water in the water tank (automatic limescale detection feature).
  • There is visible lime-scale build-up in the water tank and in the riser tube
  • The brewing process is noticeably longer.
  • The brewing process is noisier than usual.
  • A significant amount of steam escapes during the brewing process.
How do I descale my coffee machine?

To descale the appliance, follow the steps below:

  • Insert an empty paper filter into the filter holder to catch the limescale.
  • Mix 1.1 litres of de-scaling solution following the manufacturer’s instructions (if using vinegar or lemon essence, mix 1 part essence and 2 parts water).
  • Fill the water tank with descaling solution up to the “max” level shown on the water level indicator.
  • Switch the appliance on using the power switch.
  • Allow approx. two cupfuls to run through the appliance before switching it off.Leave the descaling solution to take effect for 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Switch the appliance on again and allow the remaining descaling solution to run through it.

Note: The appliance may switch off automatically, even though there is still some de-scaling solution in the water tank. If this happens, leave the solution to take effect again and then switch the appliance back on.

  • Rinse twice with fresh water.
  • Repeat the de-scaling process if necessary.