Built-in toaster – safe toasting in the drawer

Since 1968, small household appliances have been disappearing into drawers and behind cupboard doors. Even if the counter-top is covered with bowls and chopping blocks, our practical built-in toaster stay at hand and ready for use, because the desired appliance is in the opened drawers immediately in front of the counter-top. If it is not being used, it can be made to vanish into the drawer with a flick of the wrist, which also protects it from greasy kitchen steam. The built-in solution also does away with bothersome lifting and stowing in wall units. In addition, the devices can be permanently cabled, which effectively counteracts possible problems with plug sockets.

Your benefits with the built-in toaster from ritter



  • Quality product made in Germany
  • Automatic switch-off when toaster is being folded
  • Safe toasting in the drawer
  • Thermal insulated housing
  • Bread and roll rack and crumb tray
  • Memory function
  • Reparability



Built-in toaster

This foldable built-in-toaster is always ready for toasting bread and slices of toast. The slim slot toaster is folded in the drawer and is ready to use very easily with a flick of the wrist. A clever built-in-solution for our slim toaster!

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1. The benefits of our built-in toaster

100 years ago the first toaster has been brought on the market. In those days it was anything but harmless to use, because the toast had to be turned by hand and in many cases it was not only the toast which burned. Nowadays, one cannot imagine a kitchen without a toaster. It does exist in all shapes, colours and with various ingenuities. ritter put ingenuity on top and developed the first built-in toaster for drawers. …surely “Made in Germany”!

Space-saving solution




With its small dimensions – a height of 75 mm and a width (when folded away) of 178 mm) – the built-in toaster can be installed in drawers with a width of 30 cm or more, so that it is stored on a space-saving basis.

Ready for use at all times




The built-in toaster can be folded out and/or set up quickly and easily with a single hand movement. It is then ready for use in the open drawer and you can start toasting straight away.

Safe toasting in the drawer




The thermal insulated housing of the built-in toaster ensures safe toasting in the drawer. The stainless steel housing of the built-in toaster keeps the development of heat sufficiently low so that the interior of the kitchen drawer is completely safe.

Automatic switch-off




The automatic switch-off provides for additional safety during toasting when the appliance is folded away. When it reaches a certain position during folding, the toaster is automatically disconnected from the mains power by a safety switch, and is therefore switched off.

Tool-free removal




For the thorough cleaning of the drawer, the built-in toaster can be removed quickly and easily without the use of tools in a few easy steps. All you need to do is to open the lock brackets.

Toasting degree with LED indication




The toasting degree, which is set according to your preference, is shown on a digital LED display.

Memory function




The memory function on the built-in toaster stores the most recent toasting degree used, and applies it automatically to the next toasting process. This means that the toasting degree doesn't have to be set again each time the toaster is used.

Rewarming / defrosting function




Bread that has already been toasted can be warmed again within 30 seconds using the rewarming function without having to toast it again. The separate defrosting function can be used to rewarm frozen slices of bread and to then toast them in one go.

Bread and roll rack




The built-in toaster has an integrated bread and roll rack which can be raised and lowered with ease. In this way, thicker slices of bread or other pastries can be warmed up or toasted.

Crumb tray





The crumb tray can be removed and emptied quickly and easily in both the folded and upright position.

2. Awards

Blue Angel

Our long slot built-in toaster has been awarded the Blue Angel seal. This makes us the only household appliances manufacturer in the world whose toasters are currently allowed to bear the label since they are particularly excellent energy-efficient, climate-friendly products. The environmental label was created in 1978 on the initiative of the German Federal Minister of the Interior and approved by the Ministers of the Environment for the German federal states.

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Have we managed to arouse your interest?


If so, get in contact with us easily and quickly and ask any questions you may have on the topic – our trained and experienced employees are happy to help you.

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3. Frequently asked questions about our built-in toaster

Do you have any questions about our built-in toasters? Here are some frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers. If your question has not been not included or still isn’t sufficiently clarified, we will be pleased to assist you.

Does the housing of the built-in toaster get hot, and can this effect the furniture?

Yes, the surfaces of the built-in toaster heat up. The maximum heat complies with the legal requirements, however, and is within the limits that apply to processed materials in the kitchen industry, so that it has no effect on the furniture.

Can the built-in toaster be folded away straight after use and the drawer then closed, or does the appliance have to cool down first?

During use, the temperature of the contact surfaces can be very high. Therefore, allow the toaster to cool down a little (at least 30 seconds) before folding it away.

Is there a fire hazard in the drawer, due to a short circuit, for example?

The built-in toaster has a safety mechanism that ensures the device will be disconnected from the power when it is folded away. The possibility of a short circuit and a fire hazard are therefore excluded.

Should the built-in toaster be disconnected from the power supply every time it is folded away?

No, the built-in toaster does not need to be disconnected from the power supply every time it is folded away. The appliance remains connected to the power outlet at all times.

How long is the power cord of the built-in toaster?

The power cord of the built-in toaster ET 10 is approx. 110 cm in length. The length of the power cord is optimised so that it hangs loosely between the rear panel of the drawer and the rear panel of the cabinet.

Is it also possible to remove the toaster from the drawer for cleaning?

The toaster can be removed without tools for straightforward, hassle-free cleaning. To do this, all you need to do is to open the lock and the built-in toaster can then be removed.

Do large slices of sandwich toast fit into the built-in toaster as well?

The toasting shaft of the built-in toaster is approx. 10 cm high and approx. 25 cm in length. It is therefore suitable for large slices of sandwich toast.

What are the advantages of a built-in toaster?

The toaster is installed in the drawer to save space, so that it doesn’t take up unnecessary space on the worktop. The toaster is convenient to put away and can be pulled out and put away quickly and easily in one easy step. Another advantage of a built-in appliance is that it is protected optimally against grease and dirt.

How can you remove the crumbs from the toaster/drawer?

The built-in toaster has an integrated crumb tray, which should be emptied regularly. The crumb tray can be removed when the toaster is in the upright or horizontal position. The easiest way to remove crumbs from the drawer is to use a vacuum cleaner or the built-in vacuum cleaner from ritterwerk.

How is the power supply problem solved?

The built-in toaster is connected to a surface-mounted power socket which must be available in or behind the rear panel at the drawer level.

Can the appliance also be used on the worktop?

No, the built-in toaster cannot be used on the kitchen worktop. The toaster has been developed especially for installation and operation in a drawer. The ritter product range also offers toasters that can be used on the kitchen worktop, however.