Built-in hand blender – the cordless one

The built-in hand blender is a wireless kitchen aid which one has immediately to hand thanks to its practical storage: The charging station is firmly mounted in the drawer – which means that the device is always ready to hand and safely stowed. The lithium ion battery replaces the often annoying cable and guarantees absolute freedom when cooking.

Operation is easy and uncomplicated – the charge level can be read off at any time from the LED capacity display, and the device’s practicability is wonderfully rounded off by the three possible speed levels and the attractive range of matching accessories.

Your benefits with the built-in hand blender from ritter



  • Quality product made in Germany
  • Charging station firmly mounted in the drawer
  • Always ready to hand and charged
  • Cordless for greatest movement when cooking
  • Three speed settings
  • Different attachments
  • Reparability


Built-in hand blender

Whether it is chopping, pureeing, frothing or mixing, with our cordless built-in hand blender you have everything in one device. A multifunctional hand blender that is not only always at hand, but is also quickly and easily ready for use without annoying cable. Rummaging around for a long time in deep kitchen cabinets has come to an end. The hand blender’s charging station is firmly mounted in the drawer. Always loaded and ready for use - the cordless hand blender made in Germany - like all ritter products!

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1. The benefits of our built-in hand blender

The built-in hand blender is designed especially for installation in kitchen drawers, so that the kitchen worktop remains free and doesn’t become cluttered with kitchen appliances. The clever installation system for the hand blender results in several advantages for you.

Made in Germany




The ritter built-in hand blenders also take our longstanding traditions into account as well as our “made in Germany” quality aspirations. The blenders are largely made of high-quality, sturdy metal and are therefore of high quality.

Clever use of storage space




As the charging station is mounted in the drawer, the existing storage space is put to efficient use and the worktop is available at all times. The charging station can also be removed at any time without the need for tools.

No annoying power cord




Since the built-in blender is powered by a lithium-ion battery, it can be used anywhere without the user being tied to a power socket. This guarantees the greatest degree of freedom when cooking. As it is stored with the charging station, it is also charged at all times.

Different speed settings




The built-in hand blender has three different speed levels and always starts at the highest speed level. By pressing the power button, you can switch between the different speed levels.

Four different attachments




When preparing and/or processing food, just one universal attachment isn’t always sufficient. We therefore offer four different attachments for our cordless built-in hand blender. The attachment can therefore be chosen according to the food which is to be mixed. Further information on the attachments is available here: “Hand blender attachments”


Two-finger switch-on safety system





The two-finger switch-on safety system ensures absolute safety for the user. An unlock button, which must be pressed simultaneously with the power button, prevents accidental activation.

Blending unit




To be able to process the food optimally, the blender unit of the built-in hand blender has studs that hold the food in place during its processing. The open design of the blending unit prevents clogging from occurring when processing hard food.

Replaceable battery



You can replace the lithium-ion battery of the built-in hand blender quickly and easily in a few simple steps, should a defect occur. In the spirit of sustainability, replacement batteries are available to order in our online shop.

2. Awards



Our cordless built-in hand blender has been awarded the test rating "VERY GOOD" by the test magazine Haus & Garten Test (issue 06/2020) and received a grade of 1.4.

Criteria such as functionality, handling, processing, ecology and safety were taken into account and decidedly evaluated.

Conclusion of the ETM test magazine: "The hand blender from ritter crushes and purees reliably and also relatively quickly. Soup, cream and sauces can be made effortlessly. In addition to its performance, it convinces with its elegant and modern design".

3. The attachments for our hand blender

The built-in hand blender allows the chopping, blending, whipping and mixing of many different food items. Depending on the desired result and consistency of the food items, ritter offers different attachments.

Universal cutter




This multi-purpose knife is suitable to chop and blend most food items. Thanks to the special shape of the universal cutter, both hard and solid foods can be prepared equally well. In most cases, the blender does excellent preparatory work.

Cutting knife




The cutting knife is especially suited to cut meat and fibrous fruits and vegetables such as asparagus, spinach or pineapple. Meat is best processed free of bones and tendons, however.

Whipping disk




The whipping disk is used to whip creamy or fluffy food items such as cream or egg whites. With its special shape, the whipping disk is also ideal for blending salad dressings and sauces, however.

Stirring disk




The stirring disk is suited to stir food items with a thick, creamy consistency such as mayonnaise, sauces or mashes. Light batters for pancakes can also be stirred quickly and easily with the stirring disk. Just like the whipping disk, the stirring disk can also be used to blend salad dressings and sauces.

4. The correct way of using our built-in hand blender

First of all, the most important thing: The hand blender should not be switched on until the blender is in the container. In the same way, the following also applies: Switch the hand blender off first before removing it from the container. It is equally important that the hand blender is always guided to the container, and not vice versa.

The hand blender is switched on in two simple steps: 1. Press and hold the unlock button. 2. Within two seconds, briefly press the power button, which is situated directly under the unlock button. The hand blender will now run until you remove your finger from the unlock button.

In general, the following applies: Food with liquid is easier and simpler to process than food without liquid. You should always ensure that the hand blender is not switched on until it is completely immersed in the food to be blended, however.

For further information on correct use, refer to the tips on use.

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Have we managed to arouse your interest?


If so, get in contact with us easily and quickly and ask any questions you may have on the topic – our trained and experienced employees are happy to help you.

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5. Frequently asked questions about our built-in hand blender

Do you have any questions about our built-in hand blenders? Here are some frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers. If your question has not been not included or still isn’t sufficiently clarified, we will be pleased to assist you.


Requirements for the installation of a built-in hand blender

The built-in blender can be installed in drawers with a cabinet width starting from 30 cm. The installation requirements for an internal drawer width > 145 mm must also be observed. The same applies to the requirement for an available power socket, which must be available in or behind the rear panel at the drawer level.

What are the advantages of a built-in hand blender?

Appliances that are kept in drawers or cupboards always have the advantage of being practical and well protected – against dust, dirt and grease. Another advantage is that the work surface and/or kitchen worktop is always nice and clear.

How is the power supply problem solved?

The built-in hand blender is connected to a surface-mounted power socket which must be available in or behind the rear panel at the drawer level.

Is there power cord routing?

Power cord routing is not possible due to the different designs of kitchen cabinets. The power cord of the built-in hand blender is approx. 126 cm in length. The length of the power cord is optimised so that it hangs loosely between the rear panel of the drawer and the rear panel of the cabinet.

Can the charger for the built-in blender be integrated into an organiser system?

Yes, the charger can also be integrated into an organiser system as long as the installation requirements are met.

Is the hand blender waterproof / dishwasher safe?

No, the hand blender is not suitable for the dishwasher. The hand blender is only splash-proof. The attachments are dishwasher-safe, but the blades of the knives may become blunt.

How long does the battery of the built-in blender last?

The operational life of the lithium-ion battery depends on the particular food to be processed. The battery lasts up to 20 minutes when processing liquid or creamy foods such as soups; up to 15 minutes when chopping raw vegetables or making dough.

Can the battery of the built-in blender be replaced?

Yes, the battery of the built-in hand blender can be replaced without any problem. If the battery becomes defective, it is not necessary to dispose of the entire hand blender, but in the interests of sustainability, a replacement battery can be ordered and replaced by the customer in a few easy steps.